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642 St. Cloud, Bel Air

project name: 642 Saint Cloud
project type: Contemporary Single-Family Estate
location: Bel Air, CA
developer: PLUS Development
architect: BULLI Architecture
design: Laura Ivan, as Interior Design Director for BULLI
status: In Construction since 2016
surface area: approx. 25,000SF (Main House) + approx. 7,000SF (Accessory Structure)
description: 642 St. Cloud is a truly unique property with a design that is inspired from the contemporary homes of Central and South America. Taking a departure from the materials and finishes found in many of the sterile contemporary homes today, 642 St. Cloud’s design features natural materials and embeds itself into its landscape. The home steps up the hillside and features large floor and roof
projections with miscellaneous openings to allow for light and hanging vegetation to unveil its leaves.

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