Dream in colors never seen before.

Interior Designer Laura Ivan is in essence an artist committed to challenge the rational, dull, and conventional

by giving voice to the intuitive, spontaneous, and avant-garde. ​

Her endless curiosity and quest for knowledge fueled her wish to work towards opportunities where forward thinking and a rigorous creative process meet, leading her to numerous collaborations with distinguished design companies.
Considerate of the profound impact the details of a space can have on the people using it, she is engaged to deliver high quality environments that work great both aesthetically and functionally. She also incorporates sustainable practices into her projects whenever possible, such as promoting energy-wise products and green materials.
With a project experience ranging from residential to hospitality and commercial spaces, her diverse skills have enabled her to tailor her approach specifically to each client, in order to achieve distinctive solutions.
Nonetheless, her progressive sense of style successfully went hand in hand with clients’ enthusiastic attitudes

into creating something meaningful.



Creating spaces in the hospitality,

commercial and residential sectors.

Interior Architectural Programming, Planning and Design

Furniture and Millwork Design

Graphic and Environmental Design

Brand Identity



Based in Los Angeles, California