TCH Hotel, Downtown LA

architects: Abramson Teiger Architects
competition description: Hotel competition involving four architectural designers: Abramson Teiger Architects, Oyler Wu
Collaborative, Xten, and Sam Marshall. Winner was Sam Marshall Projects
lounge bar area- design proposal: Laura Ivan
location: Downtown Los Angeles, CA
project area: 2,200 sq ft

description: The project comes up from the intention of creating a cluby comfortable, soft place to relax and socialize. Vintage and surreal design elements were selected, as for example using the Alice down the rabbit hole feel and the animal-inspired furniture and other decorations.The ceiling is low and nothing can be heard if outside the room (a little dangerous to venture downstairs). Hotel guests will enter the lounge from the main lobby by descending a narrow staircase that leads to a lower gallery which is open to above. Entry to the lounge is gained through a small door (only 7’-0” tall) with no signage (speak-easy) and a passage through a narrow hallway. This gives the feeling of tension and release as you enter the lounge. Upon entering the underground space, patrons are greeted by the existing brick walls which appear to make up the building’s foundation. Once in the lounge you will want to stay for a while. Skylights align with the frosted glass sidewalks above allowing some sunlight to reach the lounge and providing interesting views and subtle shadows as people walk across  them above. The lounge is themed and decorated with rich furniture that gives a sense one has been transported back in time. Letters adorn the brick walls in places as a metaphor of voices heard only by the old bricks of the original building.